I joined the DreamOS team in mid-April after one of the three founders contacted me. We then worked together in creating a whole new user experience based on web3.


UI+UX Design
Visual Identity
Sound Design


2 months—Summer 2022


Dream Inc.

The problem with Web3

Currently, digital assets exist within box wallets, tiny rectangular boxes operating at snail’s pace. For power-users on Solana, transferring NFT’s is redundant and frustrating.
Web3’s UX is clunky & fragmented. These are roadblocks when it comes to onboarding the next 100MM Users. Crypto is compared to an “internet computer” but what we’ve got now is a set of unrelated apps that perform tasks with no desktop interface - there is no “home” for web3.

The solution

DreamOS is that home - DreamOS is an intuitive OS designed with the user in mind. No downloads, no public keys, just connect your wallet to access anywhere, from any browser, on any device.

The Brand

DreamOS uses the Jakarta Sans typeface family by Gumpita Rahayu from Tokotype. Its geometric shape brings joy and excitement to the product, while maintaining its seriousness.

Speaking of icons, DreamOS uses Unicons designed by Jemis Mali. Providing beautiful, rounded, simple and an easy to understand iconography.

DreamOS's colors and typography.

The User Interface

Because DreamOS is the home to everything web3, we made it feel like a desktop you can access from any device.

The UX is also familiar, so users don’t have to learn and get used to an all new way of doing things.

With a windows system, you can multitask and do so much at the same time.

DreamOS's window and material design.

The Desktop UI

When you ‘boot’ into DOS, you get a login screen asking you to connect your wallet. You’re then sent to your desktop and place to manage your assets; it’s like connecting to a cloud computer.

DreamOS's Desktop UI and menus.

The Explorer

Your NFTs appear in the Explorer, categorised and ready to be managed, tagged, shared, ...

Every NFT is a file, files can be organised with tags, sort/filter your NFT’s by rarity, by collection, by trait,... Drag-select 50 NFTs & right-click send in just a few clicks.

DreamOS's Explorer with Breadheads NFTs displayed.

The Inbox Apps

DApp Store, Music, Calendar, those are a few of the inbox apps you can use on DOS.

DreamOS's inbox apps like Music, DApp Store, Calendar and the Dock.

The Hub

The Hub was an idea of how people could interact with each other on web3. Rather than using public key addresses to send and receive money, we’re using a single, human-readable address to receive crypto from ANY chain. Instead of 0xA5C…. or 6HBdw…, it’s gonna be adam.dos, jack.dos, or any of your liking!

DreamOS's Hub showing the send ETH screen and user profile.